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Me and My Girl…..
I want my child to be confident – I want her to smile and the whole world to smile back….

My previous experience…
As a child I had such crooked teeth. I was desperately embarrassed by them. I was self conscious, never smiled in photographs and genuinely upset by the one thing that should have conveyed my happiness. Every time I smiled I was reminded of the thing that mad me sad…

My braces were not fitted until a few months before my eighteenth birthday – so then I was sore, embarrassed and found myself being treated like an eight year old when I drove myself to the orthodontist! And was it all worth it in the end? No. My teeth simply moved back to where they started and they had been damaged by the whole process.

…The way forward…
Now I am a mother and my daughter seems to have inherited my smile – but things are going to be very different. That’s because I’ve found Dr. Sia Maani at Smile @ Kings Hill.

Already my daughter is smiling more confidently – it’s because she is treated with respect, patients and understanding. She is listened to and reassured and she understands what is going to happen, simply because it is explained to her. I see the time taken with her as such a valuable thing. Dr. Sia is holistic in his approach and it makes the world of difference to us both. And it’s not just my daughter who is getting the star treatment! I’m being put back together again, in a way that I am comfortable with. I am listened to, my concerns are addressed and I am given the same level of care as my beautiful little girl. I go to the dentist and leave with a sense of well being and of increased self worth. Oh and by the way, the injections…they don’t hurt!


Dear Sia

Following the recent completion of my treatment plan, I would like to take this opportunity to give you some feed back on my visits.

You will recall that I had many appointments over a 3 month period and prior to coming to IQ Dental I was a very nervous patient.  However, after only two appointments with you I was no longer apprehensive and would even say I looked forward to seeing everyone!

You and your team are very welcoming and friendly whilst remaining professional at all times.  I am absolutely delighted with the results of my treatment and feel that I have had real value for money.  I particularly appreciated your patience and the considered advice you gave me which allowed me to make the right decision and importantly, at no time did I feel you were trying to ‘sell me’ anything. I have complete confidence in you and will continue to recommend you to others.

You really have made a difference for me with friends and family complementing me on how well I look, particularly when I smile!

I can honestly say it has been a real pleasure to visit the dentist.

Thank you again and best wishes until my next check – up.

Kind regards,


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