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You can also discover more about us by reading a selection of our patient testimonials featured below. Read what our patients say about our team, practice and the treatment we provide. You may also click here to send us your comments and feedback.

February 7th 2014

Dear Sia and all your lovely ladies.

I can honestly say how much I look forward to coming to see you all and what is so unusual is that I enjoy myself very much when I have my appointment. Never have I ever come across such caring and lovely staff, they are a credit to you.

I am so happy with my crowns and feel as though I am floating. I can't stop looking at them. They fit beautifully and there is absolutely no discomfort whatever.

I saw two of my friends yesterday and two close neighbours today and they have all admired them and have said "No wonder you are so happy Roz and commented on my happy glow. Donna saw them earlier today. And she also remarked how good they looked. So with such nice compliments received from them all, is it any wonder that I feel so very happy. I am now looking forward to having the next crowns completed on top left and I just know that the result will be great and my smile will be even bigger.

I know I shall be seeing you Sia for quite some time to come so that you can work your very special magic on the remaining original teeth to give me the "million dollar smile" that I have always wanted.

Thank you once again. I am actually crying with happiness as I am writing this email to you so I will sign off and hope it is not too long before I see you again.

Best wishes to you all and take care Kind regards

Roz Beesley xxx

This is just a note to say I couldn't have been more happy with the treatment I received.

I came to Sia very traumatised from the previous Dentist I had been to and I had a lot of damage and a huge infection which had eaten into my bone.

As it turned out I needed to have implants.

I 'm very sensitive but Sia handled me with great care, not only did I not experience pain, at times I wasn't sure if I could go through it all.

Sia took such great care of me helping me mentally and emotionally through the experience.

The end result was fantastic, I have healthy a healthy mouth and a natural smile back.

My teeth look great, thank you Sia!

With a big hug & smile


Dear Sia and all the team at IQ Dental

I would like to express my appreciation for all the help, support and kindness I received during my treatment course.

After several years of researching for the right treatment, no other dentist had suggested and explained the appropriate alignment for my teeth and I have always felt secure with Sia's professional expertise.

I find dental treatments difficult, however Sia and everyone at IQ Dental were very supportive with their patience, understanding and lots of humour.

Thank you for my lovely new teeth, which according to friends look "fantastic" and have now given me the confidence to fully smile again.

Best regards


Dear Sia and all the team,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making my visits to you such an amazing experience. I have had a lot of work done, from crowns to veneers to replacing old metal fillings and of course the famous implant.

What I can say is that at all the appointments I have found nothing but kindness from everybody.

I consider myself a nervous patient but I don't know how you do it Sia, as I now look forward to my next dental appointment!

I can honestly say that through all the treatments I have had I have never had the slightest pain or discomfort.

You have also given me confidence that any future dental problems I may have with be taken care of by you.

For that a big thank you

With kindest regards.

Geraldine Absalom

Dear Sia and all the staff,

I just wanted to thanks for my lovely new lips. Sorry to be such a pain, I thought they’d never go down, but after three days, a little larger and perfect pout!


I first met Dr Sia Maani when he took over the practice in Tunbridge Wells where I had been a patient for several years. Right from my first appointment with him it was clear that he was a very special dentist.

His dental work is always first class and his attention to detail and dedication to finding the best solution for any problem is second to none. His gentle, friendly and understanding manner has the effect of calming the most nervous of patients.

All his dental work for me, including a bridge and porcelain inlay, has been superb and long-lasting, and my absolute trust in him has grown over the years. When he left Tunbridge Wells to set up this practice, I thought the dentist who replaced him would be fine – and she was fine. But once you have been treated by Sia, no-one else compares. When I developed problems with my bite a few years ago, there was only one dentist I wanted to see.

Dr Maani took a great deal of trouble to investigate and propose what I felt at the time was too radical a solution: replacement of the bridge with an implant and veneers to the top teeth. However, the problems he had explained would start to manifest did do just that, and – still with a certain amount of reluctance – I began the treatment in January, starting with the implant.

Again Dr Maani and his dental assistant Emma did superlative work. I can honestly say there was no pain at any time, and the procedure was carried out with the calm, gentle care and good humour that we all know is the hallmark of this dental practice. Afterwards, the only painkillers I needed to take were two Nurofen that evening, none thereafter. There was no facial swelling.

The subsequent preparation of the teeth for the veneers was carried out in an almost celebratory atmosphere and Dr Maani took a great deal of trouble, as always, to ensure that the temporaries were of the highest standard. Sia Maani is a perfectionist.

The finished result is amazing. Although I have always had relatively good teeth, I now feel I have WONDERFUL teeth, and most importantly the long-term problems with my bite have most beautifully resolved.


Dear Sia & the team,

I knew nothing about IQ Dental when I pressed the intercom button, however I do know that I was rather anxious, but that disappeared at reception. Such friendly, efficient and-may I say - attractive staff.

The consultation answered many questions regarding the complete Implant treatment (I was a little disappointed that 'NO', I could not have full upper and lower Implants in 1 month!).

Thankfully you were honest with me.

Now I can honestly tell everyone that during such advanced dentistry I felt no pain whatsoever. Amazing!

My family have got the old me back to dining out. As you know I thought I was too old but now this 72 year old is going to enjoy life and much of this is thanks to all of you, my new friends.

I shall miss you.

Thank you so much

Mrs R. Harris

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