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Crowns & Bridges


When a major part of a tooth is broken, decayed or needs a more extensive restoration than a filling, we recommend a Porcelain replacement. Porcelain is the most natural material we can offer you. It is strongly bonded to the tooth supporting it, blending perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

Porcelain Restorations In Only 1 Visit
The most exciting news is that we can complete Crowns and Inlays in a single visit. With our state-of-the-art, CAD-CAM CEREC Machine, taking impressions and having to put up with temporaries are a thing of the past. An image of your tooth is recorded with an optical device and the restoration designed while you are watching.

Milled from a very strong porcelain, it will fit with the most accurate precision. During this process, you will be served a drink of your choice and can relax in our luxurious patient lounge with some magazines, music or television. You will leave the practice with the confidence that comes with a beautiful natural smile.

What is a Crown?
Porcelain dental crowns can serve to restore the structure and function of a singular tooth or multiple teeth, whilst greatly enhancing your smile. They cover the entire surface of the affected tooth and provide increased protection and repair to teeth that have become damaged, decayed, worn or lost.

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dr sia maani

Dr Sia Maani

What is an Onlay?
An onlay 'lays on' the biting surface of the tooth and is typically used to restore broken down cusps of the teeth. Onlays can also be used when there is significant decay and a larger portion of the teeth has to be removed to treat that decayed area.

Onlays can also be utilised to strengthen and restore the colour and function of a tooth while being more conservative in the preparation. This means less tooth is removed to accommodate an Onlay.

Whats is a Dental Bridge?
A Bridge is essentially a series of artificial teeth or a single tooth, which replaces an area where teeth have been lost from the dental arch. Two Crowns are placed on either side of the bridge, increasing the stability and providing extra support. Bridges may help to prevent periodontal disease, improve speech, enhance your smile and correct your bite. By implementing a Bridge shortly after tooth loss has occurred, we can help to prevent other teeth from moving out of position and preventing the gradual decline of the facial structure and definition after tooth loss.

Porcelain Restorations which are made from an extremely strong dental great ceramic are created to match the colour, translucency and texture of your existing teeth for ultimate harmony within your smile. These restorations are formulated specifically for aesthetics and are fastened onto the tooth’s natural surface.

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